Monday, July 25, 2011

FYI- I Got a C in Chemistry

In highschool I worked really hard to get great grades. I studied  hard, handed my homework in on time, and always did extra credit. Yes, I was that kid.  I was flying through highschool when all of a sudden I hit Chemistry. I did everything I could -but to no avail. I spent every ounce of free time on that class but still no "A's", not even a "B", just a big fat "C". The only "C" I ever earned, and I use that term loosely. The problem with Chemistry was that I just couldn't wrap my head around it: the relationships between things, how some change while others don't, etc. Even though I really wanted to - I just couldn't succeed as well as I had hoped.

That being said, this is what my weekend looked like...

Friday, I learned  that I'm not so good with understanding Body Chemistry either. I kept listening to body, trying to figure out what to do but to no avail, yet again. First, I tried eating less calories and working out less. This resulted in, well, nothing. No weight gain, but no weight loss either. My husband told me I am in starvation mode and have to eat more to loose. After doing much research, I hesitantly agreed with him.

Now, what kind of Mind...well I won't use that word but I will give you a hint- add a certain "f" word at the end of Mind and you get it . Seriously though! Want to weigh less? Then eat less....But don't eat to much less or else you will just stay where you are: fat and frustrated. MUHAHAHAHA 

Begrudgingly I up my calorie intake while keeping my work outs the same, after all what you burn decreases your consumption. The first morning after doing this I gain .4lbs. REALLY?! My husband assures me that my body just has to adjust it's metabolism again. So, I decided to give it another go. After weighing myself the next day, I gained .6. UGH

My point in sharing this stuff is the importance of perseverance. We might not always see the number going down on the scale, but it's about changing your lifestyle. As people who struggle with weight, we have to understand that this is a war with our bodies.  There will be times when we do things correctly but do not see any result. When that happens, we need to stay strong and stay the course. I am hoping that if I stick to it, I will see the results I want to :)

Best of Luck,

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