Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday's Love

On Saturday, July 9th, I am loving....

BOBBLE!This water bottle will literally change how you view all water bottles! I found this bottle at my local GNC for about ten dollars. Basically, it has a built in waterfilter that filters the water while you drink it.It's also made from recycled materials. For me, someone who is trying to increase the amount of water I drink, this is so convenient! No matter where I get my water from it is yummy! It also has a really simple design and is lightweight. It is small enough to fit right in my purse. The only complaint I might have is you have to be used to sort of pulling the water out, rather than it being poured out . However, I have found if you squeeze the bottle a bit it makes it much easier. I highly suggest buying one! Love, love, love!!!


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