Friday, July 15, 2011

The Weekend!! A test to my commitment...

Today at about noon, I will be picking my husband up from work and heading to my hometown. We live about 350 miles away or so, a good 6 1/2 hour drive. We plan on visiting with family tonight, picking up a bridesmaid dress tomorrow morning (hopefully it fits), going to a Bachelorette party tomorrow evening, and then coming home Sunday morning. It is going to be very busy!! I am a little nervous about this trip because we are notoriously bad for eating crappy food on travel.  There have been times in the past when we have been on a good solid role and completely broke on travel. 

I feel confident that we will be able to stick to the diet because I am thinking ahead this time!!! This is how:

1)We are packing our lunch and snacks to eat in the car. This way we are not in the situation - We are wicked hungry and just want to find something resembling food...

2) I have agreed to be a D.D. . By choosing to be the DD, I will not be tempted to drink any alcoholic drinks. We all know how high in calories these are, plus it dehydrates your body!

3)Packing a simple breakfast. We are bringing protein powder to mix with water or milk for an easy breakfast on travel. My parents always have cereal or bagels, not exactly friendly to my low carb lifestyle.

4) Bring a bread alternative. We will be packing a lowcarb wrap for lunches with my parents. This way we will be able to join them for a lunch that meets our needs.

5)Telling the people around us that we are making healthier choices. I plan on telling my parents that we are low carbing so that we can have a dinner option for us. Also, I called the restaurant the the Bachelorette party had to figure out a head of time what would be okay for me to eat...or if I should eat ahead of time.

When you travel, the key is truly to think ahead. Consider what things are points of struggle for you and take steps to make sure they don't happen ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is try and figure this out with a bunch of hungry people around you! And you certainly don't want to break your progress!!!

I will let you know how it goes! Wish me luck. :)

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  1. Smart girl. Proud of you for thinking ahead like that! Way more organized than I. I also am heading to visit my parents this weekend but it's only for the day and my mom will definitely do the entire 20 course meal thing (ok maybe exaggerating slightly) but I'll be able to pick and choose what I want :) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AND HAVE FUN!!!!