About Suzie

About Suzie....

I live in Northern Virginia with my husband (Mr. S) and our two cats (Jojo and Juno). We just recently got married and now are attempting to figure out our new life. I started this website to share our journey's through my perspective. Although we have a lot going on, there are a couple of things that are my main focus.

  • Loosing Weight!!!!! I have pretty much been the chubby kid all of my life. With my new life beginning, I want to start it out healthy! 
  • School! I am on the 6 year bachelor plan! I have stopped working full-time to focus on school. I WILL finish...if it kills me.
  • Owning the housewife thing! I want to really flex my home maker muscles. Please do not confuse this with the Stepford Wives type housewife. I feel like I have to re-define this term for me because I definitively DO NOT fit into that type.
  • Documenting our new life! I hope to keep an account of what we do in our life together!
I really believe that by sharing my experiences with whoever discovers this little gem, I will force myself to be honest and humble about my successes...and failures. I want to appreciate what I have and make myself a better person!