Weight Loss

I Will Do This!
I Can Do This!
Oy....I want a cookie....

This is the battle that happens internally every day. But today, it will change....no, really.

The purpose of this page is to serve as motivation for me to lose weight. For me, I have battled with a weight problem since I was a kid. I am at the point in my life where enough is enough. I know it will be rough. But, I just can't keep living the way that I am. Before I start my journey, let me be completely honest about my goals.

Height: Almost 6ft!
Current Weight: 306.8 lbs...boo
Goal Weight: 135 -140 lbs.

So, I am making a list of a 176 reasons that I want to loose weight. Why 176  reasons? Because I have 176 pounds to lose.

  1. To live longer
  2. To be happy
  3. To be active
  4. To not need naps
  5. To feel good
  6. To see my toes
  7. To touch my toes
  8. To try yoga
  9. To enjoy what I see in the mirror
  10. To Go on Roller Coasters
  11. Shopping in regular stores
  12. Buy a bikini
  13. To not have to say "plus"
  14. To be able to wear bracelets
  15. To have smaller hands than my husband
  16. To one day be pregnant...and people know it.
  17. To prove other's wrong
  18. To wear a mini skirt
  19. To not be sweaty
  20. To not feel like everyone is staring
  21. To not be another statistic
  22. To be able to take a real bath!
  23. To go hang gliding
  24. To walk without my thighs rubbing together. ew
  25. TO be self confident
  26. To wear short shorts
  27. To ride bikes
  28. To not muffin top
  29. So my collarbone shows
  30. To only have 1 chin
  31. To wrap a towel all the way around
  32. To be able to take full body pictures, not just shoulders up
  33. To do a kart-wheel
  34. To cut my grocery bill in half
  35. To be able to buy something from Victoria Secret
  36. To where high heels...without the shaking
  37. To be carried around by my husband
  38. To climb a tree
  39. To play volleyball... again
  40. To lay on the beach and look good
  41. So I don't develop diabetes
  42. So my stomach  doesn't stick out
  43. So I can wear skinny jeans
  44. So I can take a hike
  45. So I can try surfing
  46. So my waist is actually a waist
  47. So my stomach is flat
  48. To beat my biggest demon
  49. To Jump
  50. To work out in just a sports bra...and be okay with it
  51. To look cute in a winter jacket, not like the Michelin Man
  52. To do a back bend
  53. To surprise my high-school classmates
  54. To be able to share clothes with friends
  55. To not always feel like the "fat one" in a group
  56. To not look at people and think, "Am I bigger?"
  57. To always take the stairs
  58. To walk up stairs without panting
  59. To run a marathon
  60. To get rid of my arm flaps
  61. To enjoy eating healthy foods
  62. To not wear wide shoes
  63. To quit finding new stretchmarks
  64. So when my husband hugs me, his arms go all the way around
  65. To buy clothes outside of Lane Bryant
  66. To have Energy!
  67. To wear panty hose without control top
  68. To not want to wear Spanx with EVERYTHING
  69. To walk by someone without brushing up against them
  70. To not have to check the weight limits on things
  71. To indulge myself with a treat that's actually a treat, not a staple
  72. To not have to hide behind long hair
  73. To be able to take a picture once, not 3x because I look fat
  74. To not hear fat jokes
  75. To not get looks from sales associates
  76. To be able to wear clothes without an "X" in its' size
  77. To be able to have blood drawn easily
  78. To not have heart disease
  79. To be able to jump
  80. To canoe
  81. To have normal blood pressure
  82. To be in a queen size bed and feel like it
  83. To not crave food
  84. To not hear comments from little kids
  85. To not lock a seat belt in a car
  86. To wear calf-high boots
  87. To learn to cope with life without food
  88. To not be identified as the "heavy set girl"
  89. To show those around me it can be done
  90. To fulfill a promise to myself
  91. To wear my husbands shirt and have it feel like a man's shirt
  92. To wear a sleaveless shirt and be okay
  93. To wear a t-shirt without a tank top underneath
  94. To use the normal cuff for blood pressure
  95. To be able to play with my little brothers without being winded
  96. To be able to stand without sucking it in
  97. To not be all hips
  98. To not have a pouch
  99. To wear a shoulder strap purse
  100. To feel sexy
  101. To be sexy
  102. To not have to hear, "you're not that big" from friends
  103. To look cute at Halloween in a real costume, not one I have made.
  104. To live past 40
  105. To live past 50
  106. To be in control of my life
  107. To be more confident
  108. To not feel like an outsider at the gym
  109. To kayak
  110. To wear something other than a high waisted  panty
  111. To be a runner
  112. To WANT To exercise
  113. TO know that I haven't wasted my time on the earth
  114. To use an elliptical without feeling like jelly
  115. TO try dancing
  116. To hear "you look great" and know they mean it
  117. To not have to use the big stall in the bathroom
  118. To not be afraid to sit in a chair
  119. To see my shoulder blades again
  120. To fit in a two man tent
  121. To fit in the back seat of a car
  122. To be able to be pregnant some day...Not NOW. 
  123. To be there for my  future children
  124. To enjoy clothes shopping
  125. To not have to lie about how much I weigh
  126. To be able to wear a dress...not a Mumu
  127. To stand on the scale and not be afraid
  128. To check "active" on lifestyles
  129. To be happy about who I am
  130. To not feel like I have let myself go
  131. To be a hot wife
  132. To be a hot mom ....some day
  133. To have a normal BMI
  134. TO not have to justify my weight
  135. To not be ruled by a number
  136. To be comfortable in pants without an elastic
  137. To wear low waisted pants
  138. To not look like a sausage
  139. To eat dinner at a restaurant without an appetizer
  140. To pay less for clothes
  141. To prove to myself I can
  142. To see my spine
  143. To have a SMALL butt
  144. To not feel fluffy
  145. To be able to see my hip bone
  146. To not have love handles
  147. To be able to cut out refined sugar
  148. To retrain my tastes
  149. To eat well
  150. To enjoy what I eat
  151. To eat when I need to, not when I want to
  152. To have a higher self esteem
  153. To break an addiction
  154. To be able to sit and hold my knees
  155. To use a hammock and actually relax
  156. To not avoid mirrors
  157. To explore the world without wheezing
  158. To feel alive
  159. To travel
  160. To be self motivated
  161. So that I can go on the metro without touching people
  162. So the waiter doesn't ask me what  I will have for desert
  163. So I like eating well
  164. So I can have nice legs
  165. So I can take a dance class
  166. So I can feel like a million bucks
  167. So I have no excuses to hold me back
  168. So I inspire others
  169. So I don't have to watch myself slowly die...morbid but true
  170. So I don't have to sneak snacks
  171. So my brothers don't always remember me as fat
  172. So I can buy clothes without trying it on
  173. To CHANGE my life
  174. To IMPROVE my life
  175. To show myself that I CAN DO THIS
  176. To FINALLY  beat this BATTLE!!!!!

After writing all of my reasons down, I can actually say that I am really excited! I can't wait to permanently change my life! 

If you need support during your journey, please send me a message or comment. Don't every feel ashamed of needing support. You can do this! IT won't be easy, but at least you have me!!!!