Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whew, Today was a Doosy

I woke up this morning to a slight annoyance. Apparently, my scale wasn't weighing correctly because the battery was going. My husband replaced the battery and put it down for me try. The end result was that I actually weighed 301.8. I was so annoyed. My husband reassured me that that just means that my initial weight was higher and I am still making progress. Even though he was right, I was still very frustrated! I think part of my frustration is that I want to see more progress then what I am... I know I need to be patient, but I am just so over being like this. 

Second annoyance for the day? The Stove in my home is shot! It broke out of no where and is going to take a couple of days  to be fixed. This made dinner really difficult because I had bought frozen veggies for steaming. Luckily, we do have a George Foreman which is great for grilling chicken. It just seemed like it was a test to see how we would respond to problems. Normally, my husband and I would have gone out to get dinner. Instead we went to the grocery store and got salad stuff. The salad was great, by the way. 

I guess in some ways today was really important in proving my commitment to my new lifestyle. Even though I felt frustrated and slightly overwhelmed, I still took 2 walks and made great healthy choices. This was really a circumstance where I could have easily reverted back to my old behavior. Honestly, I even though I felt frustrated it never came into consciousnesses that I could just go eat out. I have tried to loose weight in the past but always failed. For some reason this time feels different. I feel 100 percent committed to this, a feeling I have never felt before.

I hope you all stick out your journey. It might be hard right now, but it will get easier and you will be better for it! I urge you to wear your journey on your sleeve! I find that having this blog and having a twitter, helps me to feel more supported. Whether or not people actually read this or care, it's knowing that it is out there keeps me honest with my behavior. Ultimately, people who have a weight problem, like me, are fighting a host of problems: a food addiction, genetics, and changing your body's chemistry/metabolism. 

Good Luck Friends!


  1. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say I stumbled upon your blog today and liked reading the last few posts. I hope you keep up the awesome work you're doing.

  2. Thanks, I am sure trying!!! It's hard work ;)I appreciate your support.